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Best Possible Connection


  • RF


  • VGA (using F18A board)

Known issues and quirks

  • The power switch is an open design which tends to get dirty and corrode; this can cause graphical glitches or other issues when the system is switched on. Cleaning the switch thoroughly using contact cleaner will usually resolve this problem, although it is not a permanent fix.
  • The 74LS541 logic chips for the controllers are highly susceptible to failure due to static discharges, and are typically the cause of issues such as unresponsive controllers or a joystick direction being held down when it isn't. Replacing these chips will usually fix these problems.
  • The AC adapter is a poor, sealed-up design which can damage the ColecoVision if it is faulty.


Links to detailed mod pages with brief descriptions of what they do


Links to schematics and circuit diagrams.