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There are a number of enhancements made to this wiki to make things more visually appealing and/or more mobile friendly.

  • Dynamic image resizing can be activated by placing <div>...</div> tags around your image reference. This will cause the image to occupy 100% of the available page width rather than using a specific pixel size. This is really useful for tutorial pages that use a lot of images. For example, instead of [[File:Image.jpg|400px]], which will display nicely on desktop but not so well on phones, you could use <div>[[File:Image.jpg]]</div> instead, causing the image to dynamically resize to fit the available space.
  • Images will open in a "lightbox" instead of taking the viewer to a new page. Please use the alt option within your image reference to specify the title of the image within the lightbox, for example [[File:Image.jpg|alt=Image title]].
  • Uploads of PDF and ZIP files are allowed (in addition to image files), but you must create an account to edit pages or upload files.