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Cables and accessories

  • Retro Access is a US seller of high-quality RGB cables.
  • Retro Gaming Cables is a UK seller of high-quality RGB cables and accessories.
  • Video Game Perfection sells the OSSC upscaler and mods.
  • Solaris Japan sells the Micomsoft X-RGB Mini Frameister.
  • SuperG makes and sells high quality automatic SCART and component switchers.
  • Behar Bros mostly sells VGA boxes for the Dreamcast, scanline generators, and RGB/component transcoders.

Flash carts and optical drive emulators

  • Krikzz's Everdrives, the standard in flash carts.
  • Deunan's optical drive emulators for the Saturn (Phoebe and Rhea) and Dreamcast (GDEmu)
  • TerraOnion's Neo-Geo AES and MVS flash carts and the Super SD System 3 for PC Engine. Neo-Geo carts available in the US from Stone Age Gamer.
  • Cybdyn Systems PSIO Playstation 1 add-on that allows playing games from flash memory.


  • Console5 sells many parts and kits for repairing and modding consoles.
  • Tim Worthington's shop is the home of the NESRGB, N64RGB, 2600RGB, AV Driver, and several other useful mods.

Repros and homebrew/hacks

  • Muramasa Entertainment sells new PCBs for use with NES, SNES, and Genesis games.
  • RetroStage sells new universal PCBs for use with NES, SNES, and Genesis games as well as the N64 Blaster for flashing N64 games to a cartridge.
  • MCUmall GQ-4X Programmer can program just about any EPROM and EEPROM chip.