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  • Lunar IPS - can create and apply IPS patches to ROM files, usually used to apply language patches.
  • uCON64 - used for reading the information about ROM files


  • famiROM - used to split NES ROMs to the appropriate CHR and PRG files for burning to chips.


  • Lunar Expand - used to expand SNES ROMs to fill specific chip sizes.
  • IpsAndSum - used to recalculate and update checksums for SNES ROMs. Particularly useful for getting hacks and translations to show a "good" checksum after patching.
  • SNES Rom Utility (Wasabi) - used to convert ROM files to usable BIN files for burning to chips. Can also remove headers and split files for spreading to multiple chips.
  • StripSNES - used to remove or add headers to SNES ROM files, useful if the file cannot be opened by SNES Rom Utility.