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Best Possible Connection


  • S-video (Famicom Titler)
  • Composite (Famicom AV, Twin Famicom and front loader)
  • RF (Famicom and top loader)


  • RGB (analog)
  • HDMI (digital)

Known issues and quirks

The NES is known to have somewhat unstable sync. Fortunately, Marqs (creator of the OSSC) has developed a fix for the jitter. The fix also applies to the SNES.


  • NES disassembly guide.
  • Dejitter board fixes sync issues.
  • NESRGB adds composite (for Famicom and toploader), s-video, and RGB output to the NES. Can also swap between palettes.
  • Hi-def NES adds HDMI output to the NES. Also adds several scaling and post-processing options.


Links to schematics and circuit diagrams.