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The GameCube was Nintendo's fourth home console and the first to use optical media instead of cartridges.


Hardware specs


There are two main revisions of the GameCube.


The first GameCube systems feature a digital out port that went largely unused. The one official accessory to use this port are special component video cables that contain a transcoder in the cable. Since these were produced in limited quantities and are difficult to replicate, they can be rather expensive. Fortunately, there are now HDMI adapters that can be plugged into this port to get high quality video with no modifications. For those wishing for a more cost-effective solution for component video or for RGB on NTSC consoles, there are also mods available that add support for all three formats.


Later versions of the GameCube removed the digital out port. Since the digital out port is used for component video, these models are not compatible with the official component cables, any after market HDMI adapters, or any of the current GCVideo-based mods.

Best Possible Connection


Component (NTSC) / RGB (PAL)
HDMI (with adapter)
S-video (for later models)


HDMI, component, or RGB

Known issues and quirks

Info about quirks specific to the console - jail bars, blurring, and other oddities



Links to schematics and circuit diagrams.