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Welcome to the Retro Modding Wiki! The goal of this project is to create a one-stop shop for all things retro modding. As you probably know, there are a lot of mods and resources on the web, but they are scattered all over and often very difficult to find. The idea is to take all that information and collect it in one easy-to-use resource.

As we work to build the wiki, keep in mind that a lot of these people have worked really hard to put together their own resources. I don't want to step on any of their toes, but, to really make this as useful as I hope it will be, there will definitely be some overlap. Just be considerate and don't plagiarize. Not trying to piss anyone off, just want to make a useful resource for the community.

Current priorities:

  1. Service manuals and schematics for each console
  2. Complete list of mods for each console
  3. Complete revision history for each console
  4. Complete specifications for each console
  5. CRT pages - format to be determined (this is way down the road)